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Need Aerial Imagery?

Are you carrying a lot of cost for your imagery?
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So what is iGet2Fly? To put it simply, it's your answer to needing to pay for drone imagery on your property, or perhaps properties. You get the use of the imagery for free, and don't pay for it until the property actually sells or is removed from the market per agreement.


Commission based UAV imagery for Real Estate agents.
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When using iGet2Fly, you can have numerous properties up for sale all at the same time and not have to carry the costs for each and every one upfront. Clients who are eligible are extended special rates and discounts as well as preferred servicing dates and times.

Social Media Advertising

Reach the audiences you want and need to.
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Lets face it; next to the MLS, the next biggest way to advertise your listings these days are on social media and your own web site. Why not get a little help doing it?  Downlink Aviation can generate ads for you using the imagery we create.. These can be "pushed" out to services like:


  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Posts
  • Pintrest Posts
  • LinkedIn Posts